Welcome to Twisted Pro All-Terrain

The Company:

Twisted Pro All-Terrain is an automotive parts and accessories company that provides the latest technology in the off-road industry. We offer high quality products from some of the top leading brands, giving you nothing but the best gear for your vehicle. We as a company strive to keep our customers up to date, with only the most durable pieces of equipment money can buy. Whether you are a professional rider or simply an off-road enthusiast looking to upgrade you ride, Twisted Pro All-Terrain has what you need. We provide only the best products on the market to ensure your trust in our equipment for your safety and satisfaction. 

The Brand:

Twisted® specializes in the leading forward projecting LED lighting technology the world has to offer. We only provide the latest in off-road LED lighting, to bring forth the absolute brightest solutions in the night. Twisted® is one of the fastest growing off-road lighting companies in the United States, and will continue to bring even more parts and equipment to our line of products. 

Twisted Pro A/T supports our troops! 

More than 90% of the company consists of US Veterans, from Active Duty, Retired, Reserves, and National Guard. We as a company of veterans are enthusiasts like you, who strive to keep you up to date as we put every product we have to the test to ensure that your are getting the best quality for what you're paying for. We have used our products first handedly to see just how well they hold up to the harshest conditions. If a new product doesn't withstand our tests, then we simply will not sell it. We trust in our products, and want you to do the same.    

We look forward to building a great relationship with every one of our loyal customers. 


We Are Twisted Pro All-Terrain

Twisted Pro All-Terrain 5 Year Warranty

All Twisted Pro All-Terrain lighting products come with a 5 Year Warranty from the date of purchase by the original customer. If your product was purchased from an authorized Twisted Pro All-Terrain retailer, you may return the product to them if 90 days or less from date of purchase. If longer than 90 days, please review the following information and contact Twisted Pro All-Terrain via E-Mail at Sales@TwistedProAll-Terrain.com. 

Twisted Pro All-Terrain is not liable for any damage done to products from customer abuse, installation, repair, improper washing*, disassembly, removal, or negligence (This is to include any natural causes such as powder coat fade, outer lens weathering, or rust). If you believe that your product is defective, it must be returned to Twisted Pro All-Terrain for inspection. If damage is not at fault of the customer, Twisted Pro All-Terrain will either repair or replace your product.

*Any product that has condensation due to power washing, or due to the use of a pressure washer, the product will NOT be replaced. Lighting products are rated at a IP68, however that rating does not mean that each lighting product can protect against extremely high water pressure being shot directly into the outer lens. Consult with your detailer before the use of a pressure washer rated at 1500 psi or more. 

To Begin Your Warranty Claim:

-Contact Twisted Pro All-Terrain via E-Mail at Sales@TwistedProAll-Terrain.com to obtain your Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA) number and the return address.

-The product must then be shipped back to Twisted Pro All-Terrain at the expense of the customer.

-Include a copy of your original invoice, and document the RMA number at the top of the invoice.

-Be sure to mark the RMA number on the outside of shipping package as well.

After product is shipped back, our warranty department will assess the product and determine whether it is defected or not. If so, then we will ship the repaired or new product back to the customer at no expense to them.