Fabtech 6" Performance System w/ Rear Performance Shocks


Part Number: FABK7002
  • Fits 1995.5 to 2004 Toyota Tacoma
  • Lift Height: 6 inches
  • Front Lift: Crossmember & Steering Knuckles
  • Rear Lift: Lift Blocks w/U to Bolts & Add to A to Leaf
  • Includes: Impact Struts, ball joints, diff skid plate, bushing kit and more
  • Shocks: Front & Rear Twin Tube Performance shocks

Fabtech's 6" Performance System for the Toyota Tacoma features specially valved extended length front shocks that utilize the stock coil springs for a factory like ride. Massive extended length ductile iron steering knuckles attach to high arched lower control arm crossmembers for superior strength. A 1/4" thick steel skid plate protects the front differential. Included in this system includes preinstalled wheel bearings, seals and ball joints for a quick installation. Please note that this is a "bolt on" system that requires precision hydraulic press work to install. 1995.5-00 Trucks Use 35/12.50R15 tire w/ 15x8 wheels w/ 3 1/4” BS w/ minor trimming. 2001-04 Trucks Use 315/75R16 tire w/ 16x8 wheels w/ 4” BS w/ minor trimming