• RC Pro


    The RC Pro is a modular network that has 8 (max 64) powered outputs rated @ 30AMPs each along with integrated self healing fuses. The RC Pro modular system is controlled via the RC Pro - Core (smart controller) and up to 8 daisy chained RC - PowerPacks which handle all the power distribution. This is one of the first wireless circuit controllers that enables up to 64 output channels that can be controlled from a smartphone / tablet, physical switch inputs, and optional dedicated touchscreen. This is a true plug and play system that is simple enough for anyone to install.

    The RC App can be downloaded in both the iTunes App Store and the Android Play Store. The App can be used on all Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It is also compatible with all other tablets. The RideController App can be downloaded for FREE at RideController.com

    •  - Powered By 12 Volts
    • - 30AMP MOSFET Self Healing Ouputs
    • - Compact - 8.1 x 4.3 x 1.75 inches
    • -Game Changin 160AMP Max Draw Per PowerPack

    Wireless Bluetooth 4.0

    RideController App uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy to pair with RC hardware sold separately.

    Custom Circuit Icons

    The settings view allows custom circut icons and custom names.

    Game Changing Range

    RideController has an effective range of 80FT-150FT when the RC hardware is mounted inside your vehicle cab or a plastic waterproof enclosure.

    Security Passcode

    RC Hardware comes with a custom six digit passcode, that way you and only you can #ControlYourRide.

    Cross Platform

    RC supports Android 5.0+ and iOS 9+ devices.

    RC Pro

    The RC Pro hardware brings to market a smart power distribution system designed for any vehicle!

    Core - RC Pro

    The Core is the smart controller for the RC Pro network. The RC Core communicates via a wired CANBUS communication network. This allows the end user to daisy chain multiple RC PowerPacks to one RC Core in effect giving users the ability to control up to 64 ouputs (each PowerPack has 8 outputs). The RC Core supports Bluetooth 4.0+ and has the ability for a remote mount external bluetooth antenna, this game changing feature allows RC Pro to deliver industry best bluetooth range for smartphone / tablets connected to the RC Core. The Core will also monitor battery voltage and shut down if the battery charge gets to low (this value can be configured by end user in the app). Now couple that with the intuitive RideController app designed for tablets / phones you get an amazing end user experience.

    - Bluetooth 4.0
    - Your Custom App Layout Is Stored On RC Core
    - Remote Mount Bluetooth Antenna
    - CANBUS Module Network - Daisy Chain Multiple RC Devices

    PowerPack - RC Pro

    The PowerPack manages all the power distribution on the RC Pro network. Each PowerPack has 8 powered outputs rated @ 30AMPs each along with integrated self healing fuses. You can daisy chain up to 8 PowerPacks for up to 64 Outputs. Each of the 8 PowerPack circuits have the ability to be used as a strobe, dimmer, or PWM 12V DC output. The PowerPack with its cutting edge design elimates the need for fuses with each circuit being a thermally self healing output. If you draw to many AMPs the RC PowerPack will automatically shut down that output.

    - 30AMP MOSFET Self Healing Programmable Ouputs
    - 160AMP Max Draw. Industry Leading So You Can Power EVERYTHING.
    - Custom Strobe Output, Dimmable PWM Output.
    - Compact - 8.1 x 4.3 x 1.75 inches

    SwitchPack - RC Pro

    The SwitchPack is the externall trigger input for the RC Pro network. The RC SwitchPack communicates via a wired CANBUS communication network. This allows the end user to control outputs on a RC Pro - PowerPack via any 12 volt hot input. This hot input could come from many 3rd party physical switches or even factory Up Fitters on OEM vehicles for example Ford SuperDuty and Ford Raptors. RideController gives you the capability to built the system around your style and needs.

    • - 8 External Hot Input Triggers
      - Daisy Chainable Via RC Pro CANbus Network.
      - BYOS (Bring Your Own Switches)
      - Integrates With Factory Physical Swithces (Upfitters)