• T600 Switch Panel - Complete Set

    $349.99 $299.99

    The T600 Switch Panel by Twisted Pro is an all-in-one complete set. No need to purchase additional relays, fuses, wires, connectors, or hardware. This panel was designed to be an easy alternative to installing rocker switches or other power buttons. This set does not require any drilling. We at Twisted Pro designed this panel with your vehicle in mind, and allowed for the 6 channel switch panel to be mounted in multiple ways without damaging your interior with the use of an additional mounting bracket and included double sided 3M foam tape. We even labeled each wire to the corresponding switch pad to make installation quick and easy. 

    The T600 is equipped with both green and yellow back-lit LED's. With a choice of 24 included pad covers, you can customize your switch panel to fit your needs.

    The T600 is built with an advanced thermal protection and overload protection system that will automatically disconnect the relays if the internal temperature reaches more than 212 °F. The relay and fuse box is also made of a flame retardant ABS plastic to allow for the box to run at consistent high temperatures. 

    ***Why our price: The T600 is assembled with 12 gauge wire, 40 amp relay and fuses. Unlike other control systems, the T600 is assembled to handle the most powerful auxiliary components at your demand. No more being frustrated over cheap quality and not enough power being distributed to your lights. This is your one stop - 10 minute install - use and abuse - switch panel complete set. 


    Voltage: 12V

    Relays: 40 Amp x6

    Fuse: 30 Amp x1, 20 Amp x5

    Max Wattage: 600W

    What's Include:

    • T600 Illuminated Switch Panel
    • Fuse/Relay Box
    • All Necessary Wires (pre-installed for quick installation) 
    • Switch Panel Mounting Bracket (and hardware)
    • 3M Double Sided Foam Tape (for additional mounting options)
    • Customizable Pad Cover Sheet (24 total stickers)
    • Zip-Ties (for a clean and organized installation)
    • Installation Instructions