Twisted Pro All-Terrain is the official off-road center by Twisted Pro
The facility is located at 50 Ellis St. Ste 208 Saint Augustine, FL 32095
Our office hours are Mon-Fri 10am-6pm EST. 

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Here, we specialize in suspensions, wheel & tires, lighting, bumpers, racks, armor, and all other off-road parts and services. We handle suspension work from leveling kits to 24" lifts with certified suspension technicians in house. 
This is a complete facility with a showroom. For any parts and services separate from Twisted Pro Lighting, you must be willing to come to our facility, we are currently NOT drop shipping lifts and accessories. 
Call our office for additional information or for settling up an appointment to have our certified and experienced technicians build your vehicle to your needs. 

Today's Featured Build

This video features our staff's pick vehicle showcasing Chris Pate's #GreenLantern build. After months of planning, this build is fully equipped with the latest in the off-road industry, including Twisted Pro lighting products. The Green Lantern is equipped with 20 Green Rock Lights, 7 H2 Recons, 1 30" Pro SR, and 10 Hyper Pods. The use of 2 high output fog machines were also installed to increase the true experience of the Green Lantern themed build.